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The Jugendplattlergruppe,Gebirgstrachtenverein d' Ostrachtaler is from Bad Hindelang, Germany.

The Jungen Wimberger of St. Peter am Wimberg, Austria, began dancing in 2008. They have several high quality Schuhplattlers on their website and elsewhere on the internet. They won first place in Schuhplattler competitions in Kremsmünster in 2013, and in 2014 in Steinerkirchen.

The kids of the Gamsgebirgler Trachtenverein in Schleching, Germany, are learning the traditions and customs of their Bavarian homeland. Their Schuhplattler videos can be seen on YouTube.

The Kinder Schuhplattlergruppe Oberbairing of Upper Austria is composed of 7 to 15 year olds who perform for festivals and at senior homes. They have a good version of the Bankerltanz on YouTube.

The youth group of the Grüntebuebe Kranzegg, Germany, has kids from 5 to 15, who learn the Schuhplattler, give public performances, and participate in Festivals.

The River Valley Schuhplattler Troupe consists of third through fifth graders from River Valley Waldorf School in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The group's signature dance, the River Valley Plattler, combines the Haushammer with a hefty dose of acrobatics and choreographed rough-housing.

The Auerhahn Schuhplattler Verein of Oley, Pennsylvania, is a kids and adults group that hosts or participates in the annual Mid-Atlantic Kinderfest.

The kids' group of Sadnig Buam of Flattach, Austria, was founded in 1978.

The Kindergruppe of the Trachtenverein D’Stoawandla, was established in 1973, and is composed of 30 children who learn the Schuhplattler and perform locally in St. Lorenz, Mondsee, Austria.

The Alpenland Tänzer Kindergruppe was established in 1990 by the Alpenland Tänzer of New Britain, Connecticut.

The Kinder Jugendvolkstanz und Schuhplattlergruppe Fürnitz of Fürnitz, Austria.. They have made a name for themselves in international children’s folk festivals and have travelled to the Czeck Republic, Hungary, France, Poland, Belgium, Slovenia, Italy, Slovakia, and Germany.

The Trefflingtaler Schuhplattler are composed of men, women and kids from Seitenstettenm, Austria. They can be found on Facebook and the kids have several videos on YouTube.

The Trachtenverein Oberstdorf is the largest (1000 members) and one of the oldest groups in Germany, established after Prince Luitpold of Bavaria brought his hunters and drivers, clad in Lederhosen shorts, to Oberstdorf in 1852. The kids' group has performed locally and has appeared on Bavarian television.

Jugendvolkstanz Fürnitz

Jungen Wimberger

Strobler Buam

Oberbairing Kinder

The Grupo Folclórico Schuhplattler (Infanto-juvenil) Treze Tílias of Brazil seeks to raise young people with an appreciation for Austrian traditions. The group currently has about 100 members from 3 to 16 years old, and is divided into a bantam, a children and a youth group.

Jungen Trefflinger

Kohlrösl Buam

Jungen Trefflinger

Schuhplattler Treze Tílias, Brazil

Kindergruppe aus Ainring

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