Yodeling and Other Fun Stuff

Accordion music, mountain songs, regional food, and the dialects of Bavaria and Tyrol are all part of the Schuhplattler experience. On this page we present some photos and videos that show how much fun kids (and adults) are having in the European Alps. If you know of others like these, please send them along!

Bavarian vs. Standard Germa
Chef Peter Grills Up Oktoberfest Meal
Die Frohliche Wallfahrt 2-10-22.mp4
Die Jungs
Vorauer cold water
1 Weltrekord 2-25-22.mp4
1 Edlitzer.mp4
Severin Titscher
Die Jungs 1-10-2022.mp4

Die Fröhliche Wallfahrt (The Happy Pilgrimage) is a 1956 German film that contains the wildest Schuhplattler performance we have yet seen. The performers are the Ruhpoldinger Trachtengruppe from the Salzburg area. The dance is based on the Holzhacker Schuhplattler or Wood Cutter's Dance, with a little bench dance by young children. The film shows the perils of editing in the 1950's, for the editors failed to take account of wood chips on the floor when pasting together the shots!

Bavarian German is contrasted with standard German in this entertaining video, produced by Easy Languages, a non-profit video project http://easy-languages.org/blog/category/easy-german.

Each region of Germany/Austria/South Tyrol (northern Italy) has its own dialect, although most people can speak standard High German.

Die Jungs WG: Ohne Eltern in den Schnee was a 2013 TV show on ZDF that followed five German teens on a trip to Seefeld, near Innsbruck, Austria, where they lived on their own for a month “without parents.” The boys were given various activities to help them learn about life in the Austrian mountains, including the Schuhplattler, which appeared in episode 7. Most of them had never worn Lederhosen, let alone danced the Schuhplattler.

Chef Peter is a New York youngster whose cooking videos have been popular on YouTube. In this one, he goes back to his German roots to grill up a Bratwurst Oktoberfest meal.