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Florian & Seppli - Wednesday.mp4
Jenne Zwilinge (Bergvagabunde).mp4
Kapfhammer Buam
St. Florianer Sängerknaben. Moskow 2016 1-28-22.mp4
1 Florianer.mp4
Florianer Final.mp4
Florianer Nov 19, 2011 2-2-22.mp4
Tölzer Knabenchor - Buama heut geht's lustig.mp4
Vienna Choir Boys
Tölzer Knabenchor - Kärntner Liedermarsch 1986 new Karntner.mp4
Vienna Boys Choir
Tölzer Knabenchor (Wem Gott) final try.mp4

Emil and Helmut Jenne sang their own version of Bergvagabunde for this 1974 video. The song as sung by popular yodler Franzl Lang failed to mention that kids often go hiking in the mountains with their parents, so in this version the Jenne twins keep insisting that “Kinder sind immer dabei!”